Sunday, March 9, 2014

Second commission, first painting piece. Linda, Thomcat models

A fellow modeler approached me at the model club, and asked me if I would do a female figure for him. A bit of back an forth on size, desired look, price. sorted and settled.
So the figure was handed over, a deadline set, I advised him I'll be putting a pin in one of the feet, and I'll be returning it as such.  

Here is the figure as I received it, good effort.

Still a good effort, although a lack of experience is showing.

Took the above photos, then dunked her into a container of neat dettol (please note, it is wise to confirm what the raw material is, so you don't destroy the figure by using too aggressive a chemical. I still had to follow up with an old toothbrush and a scraper, got there in the end.

I thought about the request and the paint scheme (and how much time I could devote to it). In the end, I went with a similar finish as to what I was given, keep the face and hair lighter, and shift the boots away from a dark gloss finish.

And ended up with this!!

She's now a red head!! 

And came up fine.

I think it worked well, client was pleased, I got paid, and I learnt a bit along the way. A bit of a challenge at some points (a smaller scale than I usually work with) and some hot days started to dry the paint while it was still on the brush.

All's well that ends well. 

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