Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mirei-san; getting the chair height right

test fitting the parts, so the chair is the correct height. Well I lashed the figure together, temporary fittings, with Tamiya tape and blue tack, then measured the gap between wher her shoe floated in space, and the ground.

Removed the offending bot of pipe, and voila, looks like Mirei is actually going to be able to use the chair.

The upright that goes between the chair and the swivel stand was originally made out of resin, but I replaced it with a combination of an inner brass tube with an outer layer of Evergreen styrene tube, to help fill the gap. (almost a perfect fit - bonus!)

I did that for strength issues, didn't want the chair bending on a warm day, if I could avoid it.

Also need to clean up her skirt - laid down the base coat, then fumble it, smudged the wet paint with my fingers, and got it dusty and gritty. So thats a bit of a rework I'll have to do.

Still, now the major components are coming together (and in colour) I am looking forward to completing this even more!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mirei-San; details on the eyes, lips and bra

Having done the eyes, decided to work on the Miriei-san has something to bat at us!

Used a warm brown, tinted it with back, rather then straight back. again, it may be a subtle thing, it just helps reduce the stark contrast.

Then I added in her eyebrows; I did go for a raised eyebrow look, although I was worried that it may have been too high. However, when I put her hair on (fringe and cascading down the sides) as a check, I noticed two things. The psotion isnt too bad (could be a bit lower, truth be told) and with her unpainted resin hair on, she looks like a real "Dirty Blonde" - innuendo intended.

I also worked on her lips. I did a quick swatch patch, partly as a warm up, partly to explain in picture form what I did. Not mentioned in the lip sheet is adding a layer of gloss to the lower lip. If going for a more realistic look, I would think about gloss for the lower lip, and satin for the upper. It is one of those little things, the cumulative effect of which is to give the figure a "whole" finish

Bra - opted for white on this - simpler. Plus, I didn't feel like mucking about with purple for the bra set.

I thinned the white down with gel medium, designed to thin paints down with out making the paint all runny and uncontrollable. So laid down my first coat, and gradually worked up the layer. Tried to add some uncut white, to imply lace texture. Around the tops of the lace 'weave', upper edges of the bra 'scalloping' (the semi circular pattern on the top side of the bra) and the little bow in the middle.

Next time I do some lace texture like this, I think I would thin down the white even more, or shift to a different shade of that purple, or black/ smoke, like the same effect I did for the stockings, for the bra. Still, a good idea to file away for next time.

Mirei-San; doing the face

Ok, more work done on the figure. Decided to do the eyes at this point, as everything is still easy to access, and I can rework quite happily, if need be.

I elected for an olive green; lack of covering power kind of put paid to that idea. So I opted for some blue in the mix, and reworked the eyes again. Oh, please note, the whites of the eyes aren't white; actually they are Vallejo Light flesh, which gives a much better result.

(I have seen straight white used, and it can give a bug eyes look. Heck, have done it myself when starting out. Works better if the white of the eye is 'cut' with a minor tint of pink)

I was struggling to get the eyes right, until I realised that I was missing a third reference point - the lips. So I blocked those in, in red, and all of a sudden, I could see what was lining up where.

Last pic is to show my start point.