Sunday, March 9, 2014

Reference links for other artists (who do some great stuff!!)

Ok, Flesh tones of the world!!

Walk down any populated street, and there will be huge variety of variations of flesh tones.....

Here is an article of the different types of skin tones, and a paint breakdown on how to get there.

Thanks to Chrispy on Cool Mini or not, lots of work went into that guide.

Next one off the rank is Model Works by Chris Clayton. his large scale female sci fi soldier SBS   is a great piece of work (I've linked to the face stage, rather then the construction) and his Space Marine build  and paint is also highly impressive, both in details and how to.

And the third off the rank is the Heroes and Villains blog, which gives a SBS on painting complicated, fine patterns. such as on check or tweed.  

Definitely worth the time to sit, read, note and then practice!! 

Second commission, first painting piece. Linda, Thomcat models

A fellow modeler approached me at the model club, and asked me if I would do a female figure for him. A bit of back an forth on size, desired look, price. sorted and settled.
So the figure was handed over, a deadline set, I advised him I'll be putting a pin in one of the feet, and I'll be returning it as such.  

Here is the figure as I received it, good effort.

Still a good effort, although a lack of experience is showing.

Took the above photos, then dunked her into a container of neat dettol (please note, it is wise to confirm what the raw material is, so you don't destroy the figure by using too aggressive a chemical. I still had to follow up with an old toothbrush and a scraper, got there in the end.

I thought about the request and the paint scheme (and how much time I could devote to it). In the end, I went with a similar finish as to what I was given, keep the face and hair lighter, and shift the boots away from a dark gloss finish.

And ended up with this!!

She's now a red head!! 

And came up fine.

I think it worked well, client was pleased, I got paid, and I learnt a bit along the way. A bit of a challenge at some points (a smaller scale than I usually work with) and some hot days started to dry the paint while it was still on the brush.

All's well that ends well. 

Life is what happens, while you make other plans. Plus first commission piece.

Been away way too long.....

let's see, met a lady, fell in love, got engaged, moved in together, all that kind of stuff. You know, the adult kind. The important kind. Let me introduce Kristy!


Kristy is the pretty one with the long read hair

Due to be married (very soon) and sorting out wedding plans, helping work the back yard (dig up way too much builders debris!!) have soaked up what spare time I've had.

Oh, I've had a bit of modelling time along the way, and now it's time to touch upon that.....

First commission work.

Make some earth. With some grass and stuff. Because I make great ground work, apparently.

 OK, got an idea. here's the SBS.

Scored my plinth, and glued a bit of aluminium wire down, to give some 'grip' for the putty. Masked off the edges too, for a clean edge.

Add Apoxie sculpt putty, and texture with an old tootbrush

I also added gravel and fine bits of debris too. Tapped it down into the still wet putty, adds texture and structure for the putty.

Mask off for airbrushing....

and apply your favourite dirt colour. I used Vallejo Burnt Umber for this project.

Overhead view - everything is the same shade. Dull, and lacks visual variety.

So I went back in and painted some of the stone with Vallejo Buff. 

Add static grass(which I airbrush also) and some railway scenic clump, which takes on a bush like appearance.

And there you have it, a plinth with groundwork, suitable for 1/72 all the way up to about 1/9.

The fellow who commissioned this is a  fellow modeler of the South Australian Plastic Modelers Association, and a very good WW1 aircraft builder. does great work, and in fine scale. His niche is the German stuff, and truly astounding results is what he achieves.

He was very pleased with this result, and I'll be doing a larger piece for him in the future.