Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mirei-San; closing the gaps.

OK, the back view will explain more; once the epoxy glue had set, I mixed up some two part putty, and then made some long thin sausages out of it.

Gently laid them down, and then using my sculpting tools, smoothed/ pushed the putty into areas I needed, following the curves already there.

(The curves follow the natural folds of the jacket - didn't want to lose them.)

Set aside to cure, then the next weekend, sit down and devote some time.

Put a fresh curved blade in the scalpel, and gently carved off the bulk of the putty. Then followed sanding with wet& dry sandpaper, used dry.

Although I have completely stripped the paint off, I can easily fix it with the airbrush.

I had to do something similar with the front.

Also, notice how I have laid down masking tape - this is to help avoid disaster if the scalpel, putty or sculpting tool should slip.Just a bit of foresight.....

It feels good to have some creative momentum happening again.

Mirei-san; blocking in the base colours, outer layers.

Primed, cleaned and then base coated the figure. I found by doing this, it gives me a better idea of how the project is tracking, especially of colour schemes.

The Blue is a nice contrast against the pink, and both are good against the white bra, and the pale pink flesh tones.

I had base coated and prepainted the inner sides of the jacket, and once dry, used two part epoxy to glue the jacket halves together.

Still, there is a huge trench down the back, and a small gap down the front, (where the button is straining to keep the jacket closed) so these areas will require attention, with putty, and sanding sticks.

Mirei-San; back at the bench, time for some overdue updates.

OK, after the getting the silly season and new years out of the way, I think I fell victim to the "Couldn't be Bothered".

Happens to all of us, and frankly, this is a hobby.

Finally, I got back into the right mindset, and am now happily at the bench.

Now to work out how I out photos in these posts.....