Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Tree Bauble Sculpt...

.....well, kind of.

My brother and his fiancee celebrate ther first Christmas together. And Younger brother has his first Christmas tree in a few decades also.

So to help mark the occasion, I did a fast (very fast!) sculpt of the two in a wreath. About 1/72 scale.

First time working with Procreate two part putty (learning the quirks of the stuff) and first time ever doing a 'speed sculpt'.

not entirely pleased with the results, I can see massive flaws and crude finishes.....lacks a degree of much in the way of a good finish......

I think, all up, I had about 8 - 10 hours, from start to final paint coat.......just managed to get the paint dry in time ready for posting - EEEKK!

The basic circle was a twisted wire base, then given layers of Sculpey, until I was happy that it would stand up to a few years indifferent handling as a tree decoration.

the figures are based around a twist of wire, and done by eyeball...dimensionally, way off.

So next time, I'll either not use new materials and tools in a rush period to get everything done, or I'll buy something to send earlier, and not do such a rush job!!

Anyway, best wishes to all you out there, hope you get to enjoy some time with loved ones, some how!!

cheers for now