Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Head Sculpt Mish

OK, my effort at doing a sculpt of a head, that actually looks like someone.

Lots more practice to go, me thinks.

Overall dimensions are alright, while the lips, chin and cheeks need work....


To help put this in context, the heads, in this scale, are slightly smaller then a grape.

Progress forward though.

Test fit of figures to bike

Ok, test fitting the armatures of the figures to the bike, looking ok. Ben is crouched over way too far, and Mish's torso is too tall; her head should only come to Ben's shoulder.

To rectify that, I will cut down the wire between hips and chest, and re-glue after shortening it.

Ben's cure is a lot easier, just add foot spokes, and glue/ pin him to the seat.

Pleased with this, so far.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bike component test

Bringing most of the major parts together, to see the 'look of the thing'.

So now it is coming together, there are some voids in the frame to be filled or camouflaged by "Gizmolgy"

What is "gizmology" I hear you ask.

Well, it is the science of constructing parts, using scrap, cut up kit parts, and anything else appropriate till it fits the "TLAR" test

(pronounced 'Tee-Lar)

TLAR stands for "That Looks About Right"

While everything is still a bit naked right now, it will start to fill out rapidly.

So I am likely to start pre-painting this, so I can then glue parts in, and move onto the next bit, with out having to sweat how the hell I can paint a steel grey engine part next to a chrome finish exhaust pipe with out messing up the finish on either part......

and I must admit, of the people checking in on this project, and offering words of encouragement, all are much appreciated.

Most of these people are leagues ahead of me, in experience and results, yet they take the time to share their experience, insights and encouragement quite freely.

Thank you, for your contributions to this project.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sculpting tiny heads, part 2

More work on this Rogue/ handsome devil.

Comparing one to other, lots of work to, I may have to sculpt a lot more heads before I get it right.

One sculpt is Super Sculpey base, with a Pro-Create overlay, and the other is a mix of Pro-Create and Super Sculpey, a 50%- 50% mix. makes the characteristics slightly different, pluses and minuses all around.....usually, the pluses of one, are minuses of the other.

time for a cup of tea, and some fruit....hungry and thirsty

Sculpting tiny heads!

...sculpting a head is a challenge.

Sculpting a likeness, more so.

Sculpting in smaller then 1:1, add more challenge.

Well, I had to start somewhere, with someone.....

(Steep) Learning curve ahead.....

set up efforts, so far.

Monday, March 1, 2010

And the look we are (kind of) going for.... this one.

Although, Ben isn't that much of a big bad wolf, nor does Mish go much for hoods that are red.....

it does capture the flavour of what I am going for, although the finished result will be much closer to reality.

Rework the tyres, more work on the frame.....

Finally, after some harsh language, and reworking the wheels (again, and again, and again!) I got results the meet my criteria - light weight, sturdy, and look right!

Lots of mucking around on the planning stages, and reworking, then a "crash" noise as plans collided with reality.......

Make a cup of tea, stay away from the bench, sleep on problem......

return to work bench, and repeat.....

eventually cracked it....comparing the top two to the lower one, the lower (first effort) one looks like something that should be on a steam locomotive...hefty, way too hefty.....

Once I got that first tyre done, it took me only a fraction of the time to wire up the rear tyre.

Then I realised that most of this is going to be hidden under disc brakes, forks, drive gears...

which is OK, as it will look right, still support it, and gives me some room to fudge it with spacing on the wheels.....the rear wheel is slightly off, compared to the front.

Now that the wheels were done, I returned to the frame, and added the forks, as well as the headstock.

It works, holds together OK, and will look OK once complete.

mind you, there was bit of passionate language soldering all that together!

Just please keep in mind that I cant get the figures themselves sitting right until I get the foundation piece (the bike) right.

I've done enough for the morning....duty calls else where!