Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chinese Lady (revisited) complete

I am declaring the Chinese Lady complete.....  I don't feel I can take her any further, I have progressed in techniques attempted and learned.....

By switching to a better type of airbrush, and using Andrea rather than Vallejo, (purely for colour reasons, both behave pretty much the same) I achieved a smoother, more realistic style of skin tone....

Portrait shot of Chinese Lady

I went for a simpler style of make up, lipstick and exaggerated eye shade. I preferred this rather than a more contemporary style of make up (blush, etc) and it seems to work. The jewelry is a combination of pearls, jade, and gold.

rear view

right side

Front side 

Top down view, for the hair pieces and flowers

The overall effect was to balance the warm tones of the red, purple with the green of the jade. I had originally painted the jewel on her forehead red, like a ruby, and the pendant and hair comb as metal, once I painted them as jade green , it really added the right amount of contrast to the bust.

The bust I put on a square column, to raise it up - with a long ponytail, so rather than have a plain base, I added artwork and a colour theme inspired by classical style Chinese artwork. 

I'm still deciding on how to finish the base, got some ideas percolating away though.

More details next post....