Thursday, August 6, 2009

Lack of time on the hobby bench continues......

....due to various factors.

Most of all my goods (the few there are) are still in transit, so not expecting them for a few weeks. All is not lost though, here on the parents hobby farm, here is one of the new projects that took up some time.

Above is me with one of the six (yep, 6!) new Kids (baby goats) born on the farm. So I lend a hand where and when I can, as well as sort out a few loose ends from winding up life in Tasmania.

No, they aren't being grown for meat, that is definately a no go area on their futre life plan.

Above, is me with 'Moby', whom I helped deliver. Above, he is about 2 days old, I think. he has a sister and a brother, and a few cousins.

Didn't faint at the sight of the birthing process, so pleased with that too.

None of which has much (if anything) to do with modelling, but for those of you that check in, I haven't forgoten about you, its just that time is still been juggled.

Thanks for continuing to check in,


PS; A roll call of gratitude is now overdue, which (goats, dogs, chickens, trees, any other event as yet unforseen) time permitting, will be started this Sunday morning before work.