Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lilly pics, part the second.

Ok, artsy wanna-be photos out of the way...
top, Ben, me, and my niece.

middle, the new way to baby sit. set up X-box, place swaddled baby on legs, play co-op Portal 2.

third, Lilly doesn't mind, shes fed, warm, happy, and most importantly, loved.

I felt a bit travel worn on the trip to Bens place.
Still, for an over-nighter, it was good to be with family.


Pics of my niece

Well, after flying over to Adelaide and back, here some pics of Lilly.

Top, Lilly opening her eyes for the first time.
Middle, Mother & daughter look upon each other
Lower, Lilly holds her Dads finger.

Welcome here, Lilly.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Welcome Lilly, my Niece.

Well, my brother & sister in law have had their first daughter.
Lilly, born early this morning (a quick labour) healthy & well.

I'll fly over Sunday morning, then fly back the next day.....

Pics to follow,

Congratulations to Ben, Mish, Tahn for the new daughter & sister!

Saturday, April 16, 2011



Flower viewing.

Cherry Blossom (Sakura) season in Japan, the flowers (hana) bloom, last for about a week.

A Cherry blossom that has fallen, is known as an "Ohka"

My friend, Kanae, sent me some pics, and it shows the trees near her work covered in Pink.

so lovely, for such a short time.

After so many disasters and tragedies happening around the world, it's nice to be able to step away from that, for a while, and enjoy something so lovely, so fleeting.

Best wishes to all out there.

Painted items parts holder

Now for something completely un-glamorous. Often, when painting, we have parts of our kits attached to bits of rod, wire, or dowel. To act as a handle

Hold on the handle, paint away, no fear about smudging paint, leaving finger prints....

Only thing is, where to put these parts plus handles while the paint dries.....

I did the old "place in an empty jar" and that worked.

Until I got to Mirei-san, a larger (and heavier) scale figure then I was used to.

New situation, update thinking time.

First, I tried just placing fine sand in the bottom of a jar, which worked for the smaller pieces, like the hands. Struggled to maintain balance with the legs, so, update thinking again.

Rummaged through my tool box, found some 35mm film canisters (yep, that far back) with lead fishing weights and another with ball bearings.

Added a later of sand (sieved out the junk & organic grit) added the weights (rather then drop them straight onto the glass) then topped up with more sand.

Works a treat, so long as the base is heavier then the figure (parts) that are attached to the handle. Still, saves a part from toppling...happy little fellow am I.

Mirei-san; well, that (mostly) worked!

well, filling and shaping the putty really gave good results. 1st Pic shows that the contours are still there on the jacket, but most of the trench is gone. Still some spots that require a touch of filler, but way better then the trench that was there before.

One thing I am a bit annoyed about is the tiny amount of over spray, one on the hinge point of the left jaw, the other just behind the right ear. Way better then having to rework the face at this late stage.

Oh, the seems I spend more time masking the subject up and prepping (then cleaning) the airbrush, then I do actually painting with the airbrush.

still, for covering large areas smoothly, quickly, still quicker then hand brushing.

Mirei-san: casting call for the Mummy, in tamiya tape

Ok, putty dry, time to get ready for some airbrush work. As always, break out the masking tape for the large areas, then the blu-tack (sometimes known as silly putty for my overseas friends) and apply to all areas I wish to be other then blue.

2nd pic shows where I carved back the putty blobs; one worked, the other, well, not really. Still, good to try, and get some results form the effort. Other details I could carve in I'll add with painted effects.

I am glad I went for a 'straight from the bottle' colour, rather then a custom mix. It has saved me so much work, given the amount of work and rework I have had to do on this figure.

Masked up, compressor ready, lets get to it!

And yes, it does resemble some odd kind of 'Mummy' as in ancient Egyptian wrapped up.....

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mirei-san; attaching the arms, closing more gaps....

Attached the arms, using the super wonder miracle technique, 2-part epoxy resin.

While the arms attached ok, because of the peg & hole system to line them up, there was only so much room to wiggle, jiggle & fiddle the fit. So in the end, got it as close as I could, and glued it.

Top pic shows the line up leaves gaps, and a "bump" where the sleeve meets the shoulder. Bit much, even for a figure/ anime/ cartoon where historical accuracy is non-existent.

So I reached for some Pro-Create putty, nice stuff, mixed as per directions, and applied thin snakes to the gaps.

To avoid excess sanding work, applied talcum powder to the sculpting tool, works a treat at preventing the putty sticking to the tool (or fingers) and lets a smooth surface be achieved. (2nd pic)

3rd pic shows how I re-masked the face to help protect the finished face from errant files, scalpels and clumsy fingers. I swear, this poor little lady has spent so much time bound with rubber bands, or swathed in masking tape......

I also built up the edges of the jacket collars, and will carve/ shape new ends next, before I lay down paint again.

I am glad I did pre-paint, as trying to get an even paint on the insides of the arms and jacket - testing, to say the least.

Just the fit issues are slowing down the last stages of this project.
Mind you, I have heard it said that the last 20% of a project seems to require 80% of the effort.

Plus, I should get off my butt, and take action more often,. then be brain dead in front of the TV.