Friday, October 5, 2012

"Happy Monk" - more views

As promised, the "Happy Monk" with more views.

The frozen tree has had the happy accident of being sculpted to have similar angles to the pose of the figure. Trust me, I just made the tree with some twisted wire, coated it with 2-part putty, and textured the result while the putty was setting. It was only a day or so later that I noticed the similarity.

Overall, I'm content with the results. 

Till next time, cheers

"Happy Monk" done and based.

Well, I've decided to call this one complete.

I've depicted him as bringing spring growth to a branch in the midst of winter.

The dark base was designed to act as a visual ballast, then the snow as a contrast, then the monk wearing orange highlights the splash of colour in this scene.

It works much the way I envisioned it.

More photos to follow of the "Monk" in the round.

By the way, he got second place in the club meeting last Tuesday (2nd October) - rather pleased with that!


A surprise win at my modelling club!!

Well, that was a surprise!! I took Pegaso China Lady along to the South Australian Plastic Modellers Association back in September.

Although I painted her back in April 2009, she won equal first against a Horton Ho 229 flying wing (at least, I think that's what it is.....?)

So a belated thank you to all those on Planet Figure who coached me (and made me feel welcome) to this first effort at painting a figure (or bust) in this case.

"Old Fiddler" completed, rear side views

Side views of the "Old Fiddler" - the autumn leaves are aftermarket, only a few added to the base to add some atmosphere. I think a simple base does more for the figure, than a more involved base. This way, the viewers focus is kept on the figure and the story, and doesn't get drawn away into details.

"The Old Fiddler" completed

Well, calling it complete for "The Old Fiddler", by Andrea Miniatures.

Only my second time working with metal figures, and the fit issues and pose of the figure made it a mental conflict as to preparation, construction and pre-painting.

Had to do quite a few touch ups before I was happy, and even then, it still bugged me as to fit issues.

Still, I think I have done my best to capture the pathos of this moment, and bring this little moment to life in colour.

(back views to follow!)