Sunday, July 31, 2011

Other projects, Sculpting practice also.

Well, time at work has taken away time with loved ones, and that time has priority over bench time.

Life is what shows up while we make other plans.....

Have two sculpting projects under way, both as practice and to be turned into display pieces....

And they will be reworked until I have achieved a level of satisfaction with them.

Top is Kanae, it will be a 3/4 (or demi-) bust*, as I will be depicting her in her yukata. I like the challenge of doing a likeness, the simple colour palette, plus the details that can be included such as the pattern on the obi (the broad, purple belt)

The second is Hayao Miyazaki's Porco Rosso. I do this as a practice piece, to either warm up before working on the sculpt of Kanae, or when I feel like I have a "block" I find it quite relaxing to work on Porco, so I may have to do more of these kinds of sculpts....great to mentally get away from it!

Plus, I will be doing some more work on Mirei-san, and now that Base44 is a good guy, I will be ordering a base (or two) from Micheal.

Till next time

* a bust is usally a head and shoulders sculpt. For me, a demi bust is almost a half figure. It may include a arm, or two.Thinking about it, this will end up a 1/2 bust. As the details of the waist sash are just to lovely to ignore....