Friday, October 5, 2012

"Happy Monk" - more views

As promised, the "Happy Monk" with more views.

The frozen tree has had the happy accident of being sculpted to have similar angles to the pose of the figure. Trust me, I just made the tree with some twisted wire, coated it with 2-part putty, and textured the result while the putty was setting. It was only a day or so later that I noticed the similarity.

Overall, I'm content with the results. 

Till next time, cheers

"Happy Monk" done and based.

Well, I've decided to call this one complete.

I've depicted him as bringing spring growth to a branch in the midst of winter.

The dark base was designed to act as a visual ballast, then the snow as a contrast, then the monk wearing orange highlights the splash of colour in this scene.

It works much the way I envisioned it.

More photos to follow of the "Monk" in the round.

By the way, he got second place in the club meeting last Tuesday (2nd October) - rather pleased with that!


A surprise win at my modelling club!!

Well, that was a surprise!! I took Pegaso China Lady along to the South Australian Plastic Modellers Association back in September.

Although I painted her back in April 2009, she won equal first against a Horton Ho 229 flying wing (at least, I think that's what it is.....?)

So a belated thank you to all those on Planet Figure who coached me (and made me feel welcome) to this first effort at painting a figure (or bust) in this case.

"Old Fiddler" completed, rear side views

Side views of the "Old Fiddler" - the autumn leaves are aftermarket, only a few added to the base to add some atmosphere. I think a simple base does more for the figure, than a more involved base. This way, the viewers focus is kept on the figure and the story, and doesn't get drawn away into details.

"The Old Fiddler" completed

Well, calling it complete for "The Old Fiddler", by Andrea Miniatures.

Only my second time working with metal figures, and the fit issues and pose of the figure made it a mental conflict as to preparation, construction and pre-painting.

Had to do quite a few touch ups before I was happy, and even then, it still bugged me as to fit issues.

Still, I think I have done my best to capture the pathos of this moment, and bring this little moment to life in colour.

(back views to follow!)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Overdue for updates

Lets see, back in April, I had to move home.

So that disrupts both home life, work life, and time with loved ones.....

so in the end, time at the hobby bench didn't get the time I would have preferred.


I did get some time in, for a few projects, trying to rescue them from the tomb of the half done figure......

The Happy Monk, by Ernst Veingardt (spelling?), a 54mm tall figure.

The happy monk in his primer coat. By this time, I had painted & stripped it about three times, not happy with the results. Usually the shading of the robe.

Here he is at about 90% complete. Lots of little details need filling out, highlights and shadows need depth,and some of the face needs tidying up. Overall, while okay, I can do better. However, at some point, I just want to base him, and move onto the next project.

So a bit happier with some progress.

Mirei-san, poor thing, and one of my more challenging figures to date.

I tried for a dark blonde hair style, that didn't work for me, so once I was settled here, I worked some more on her.

I am disappointed at how quickly my skills have degraded, with lack of practice. I did retouch the bra (and yes, knickers, if you were wondering) with red highlights, according to family and friends, it adds a eye catching effect not present earlier......

At this point in time, the hair has the 'Jennifer Aniston from Friends' effect, just subtler..... 
I've yet to pin the legs to the torso, and the figure to the chair. I'll also be ordering some wooden bases, and basing them properly.

The Old Fiddler, by Andrea miniatures. I have liked this figure, it tells so much in such a small space, full of pathos. I have seen this completed by some very good scale artists, so my efforts are showing the lack of practice. Here he is so far.

Fit issues aside, he is a delight to paint, and tells such a story. Very small though, 1/32 scale.

All the above photos are suffering from wash out from harsh lighting, and do not flatter the figures in any way. I'll have to set up a proper photo day in the near future.

I did enjoy returning to the bench, getting into the flow of the task.

And looking forward to doing more updates.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Good friends in Osaka!

Back in November 2010, I went to Osaka, caught up a with a friend of many years,  and made a few more.

Today, Yoko, knowing that I have had to reschedule my trip because of the house move, posted a picture of "Sakura" (Cherry Blossoms) on my facebook page.

Nowhere near as good as the real thing, I do appreciate the thought and effort behind that simple act.

Thank you Yoko, that has made my day, and added a good feeling to my entire week!

Cheers to Osaka from Australia!


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life in limbo...

...also known as putting your life on hold while you live in a display home.

So as much as I would like to have worked at the bench, all my stuff had to be packed away.

The part that annoys me, is thinking about it in hindsight, I could have found a way to make some progress, on a much more tighter scale.

Mind you, I admit that my 'head space' has been out of phase with work, home on display, and real life issues.

Alas, the sanity saver had to be put away...

No fear, soon the sold sticker will go up, shift house, set up, back into it!.