Monday, February 15, 2010

Motor cycle tyres, part 3

Oops!! As can be seen, the spokes are starting to 'drift'. from the 6 o'clock position round to the 12 o'clock position, we can see how the spokes are starting to 'reach' rather then run in a line direct from the rim to the hub. So this one is an experiecne write off.

Lessons learned?
- get the alignment right! Check, check and recheck.
- everything will dry fit perfectly until you open the glue bottle
- remain aware of scale - this current set is way over thick, which lead to over crowding around the hub, which in turn, lead to the the reach effect.
- be prepared to write parts of a project off, rather then muck about in rescue effort.

- have ample spares!

More as more gets done

Motorcycle wheels, continued

Som the preliminary results looked encouraging. It can be seen where and how I marked up the points on the rim.

Measure the circumference, divide accordingly, and it was mostly on the mark.

Did something similar for the hub, that got messy......

The rim itself worked OK, as can be seen from, the test shot.

The next step is where I started wiring the sucker up, for the spokes.

Motor Cycle Wheels

In keeping with the theme of the thing, I decided to rework the motorcycle wheels....

not completely successful.

First things first; basic math stuff....

360 Degrees to a circle, leave a 20 degree arc between the spokes. and work all this out, means I need 18 spokes per wheel...simple!


Well, lets look at the start of it....

The layout was ok, the tricky bit was going to be alinging the hub and the rim.
and then.....

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

things coming together, in a basic way

Looks like some measurable progress, at last!

Here we can see how by cannibalising some motorcycle kits, that adds easily to the project, giving it a visual bit of 'oomph'

Fuel tank, radiator, frame and engine roughly tacked in with blu-tack, then the body dummy placed in to check the overall image and fit.

Coming together, thumbs up!

oh, the brass rod coming out of the figures butt, that is a working rod, in place to hold the figure while putty is applied and worked, then to be an anchor pint when the figure is fixed to the frame.

Yep, pleased with this.


(and time for beer!)

Frame work on bike built up

More work in progress. Have completed the basic frame, and started the fuel tank. Lots of soldering pracitce, and the fuel tank is not a structral element (IE, not load bearing) so that is just a quick build out of plastic sheet. More next post.

Friday, February 5, 2010

New pictures soon!

Have been juggling my time amongst other projects, and also been getting sleep, showering and working full time!

Gad Zooks, plus the Dogs need walking, the cat needs a feed, the goats need some hay, the baby chickens need tending to (and being protected from the dogs, who will snatch a baby chick - not from being malicious, it's just instinct. Small, fluffy and makes a high pitched noise. that description applies to chicks mice and chase toys....)

Have finished most of the basic bike frame, and will be carving up a motorbike kit for instant detail, rather then muck about with all that scratch building. Cannibalisng or kitbashing, so long as it looks right, and helps get me closer to sculpting the figures, then those results matter.

Pics later,

Cheers for now.