Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tools of the Trade...

Basically a start point. Once we finish rough shaping with fingers, some basic tools are used make the figure.
So before I even comment on any figure, a quick word about those objects that appear on the edges of the "Work in Progress" shots. Left photo is a series of putty pushing tools, a hollow piece of brass cylinder (polished), some needles and a fine rod with pointed tip, then two long rods with pointed tips (pencil size saves the hand from cramping). Then some putty shaping tools. Two dental style picks, great for tight areas. Then some El cheapo wooden tools, a shaper of some kind, and a wire gouge. The last tool is a rod with a shaped needle, great for very fine work. In the right photo is the two scalpels. The red handled one is for rough cutting, and has a not so sharp blade. The right one has the sharp blade, and is used for fine trimming and some detail work.

There are more tools, these are the primaries for shaping of putty.