Friday, May 7, 2010

New Project - Mirei San

Next project, something to relax after the high energy effort (and steep learning curve) of the wedding sculpt.

so here I present to you - Mire-San, a sensual anime style piece.

Based on the illustration of Shunya Yamashita, the kit is essentially the same with the glasses being swapped out for a pen.

two different right arms are included, for choice of postures, plus the options of either hair down loose, or up in a pony tail.

More details later.

looking forward to this project......

Mr & Mrs Stokes

Congratulations to Ben and Mish, now Mr & Mrs stokes.....

don't have any photos from the wedding reception itself (relevant to the wedding sculpt) but here a some pics of the happy couple with their wedding sculpt.

they were thrilled with it.

That's all that matters.

Best wishes to my brother and Sister in law,

much love,


Wedding Sculpt - calling it Done!

Project completed.

All the little fiddly details are done (although an extra month on sculpting the heads, and painting would have been nice) I got the project to complete status.

Ok, Figures attached, the faces given eyes, lips, and hair.

Mish holds in her hand a bouquet of Cherry Blossom flowers, while Ben gives the bike some throttle.

the licence plate has Ben & Mish's initials, with the date they were married (10th April, 2010)

The road sign is made from styrene, painted to look like wood, and has the logos for double happiness (in Chinese) on it. Ben and Mish, zooming along into the future, towards "double Happiness".

You may be wondering why the thing is set up on the diagonal, and why there is such a big gap to one side?


I'll be adding a sidecar, with Mish son Tahn, and Bens dog Vin, inside at a future point.

Still, the feeling of saying "I have done all I can in the time I have had" and looking upon it, it feels good.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fitting the figures to the Bike

Ok, it looks like Killer Zombies on Bikes in these photos.....

Here is the end result of me fitting the figures to the bike after base coating them, and fixing them to the bike (thanks to that miracle product, 2 part - 5 minute epoxy resin).

Here is where a weird thing happens.....once fine fitting figures now don't want to sit in the designated slots I dry fitted them to fine.

I think that paint must have some weird properties, warping mass and space to distort fit.

Or, I missed something during planning and fitting......

The hands had been left off til now, simply so I could make a set of hands grasping the handlebars.

How? start with a flat piece of clay, wrap it around the rod/ bar/ handle /what ever in question, then sculpt your hand down from there.

Sound easy when described in a me, it aint.....

It's one of those little things that helps add to the realism of the image.....

The key elements are here; Ben, Mish, motorcycle and base. All in an Action pose.

Glad I base coated them in the correct colour before fixing them, to the bike; there is no way some of that could have been painted once put in place. Any project like this demands thinking about three steps ahead (at a minimum) and trying to work out what may work, and what might not.....then figure out a work around or a fix, even if the process doesn't even physically exist at this point in time.......

Lost some sleep doing all this, but hey, now it is really looking like the original idea I had. Always exciting to see an idea emerge into physical reality.