Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Belle of the Nile, part 2

So after a good nights sleep, reached for the airbrush again, time to tackle the sheer effect of the cotton.

The cotton view from all the angles

I do need to go in and tidy up some of the blending of the white for the various shadings of the white cotton, plus tidy up the gold too. Not too bad, although I dare say I'll improve on the next one I do. 

The make up on the face.

The make up needed research, and it turns out that they used green eye shadow, made out of a copper mix. Henna for lipstick. And Kohl for eye liner. I've settled for the eye shadow at this point, then picked out the gold on the first pass. 

I'll let this be for a few days, before I come back and review it.

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